Open Trade

What it does

Open Trade can adapt and evolve with any organisational configuration. It can align with your IT architecture and centralisation projects. You can start standalone then move to dual datacentres, or start mono and scale up to multi-sites, and Open Trade provides intuitive solutions to remote users.

Open Trade’s architecture can reduce the footprint by up to 80% in the technical room. With its centralised administration tool, it is easy to manage distant sites and smart turrets. Any Open Trade component can be managed as standard IT equipment and free seating is native.

Open Trade is a fault tolerant system. At the software level, all the Open Trade services required for effective communication management are redundant to prevent discontinuity. At the hardware level, each Smart Turret can be connected by double attachment to separate edge switches and each server supports hot standby recovery.

Users can concentrate on doing business. Its intuitive touch-screen interface and hotkeys offer access to corporate and personal directories, as well as transfer and conference capabilities, putting users in control. The Open Trade Store applications display real-time and critical information about trades that might get overlooked in the mass of information on traditional PC screens. 

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