Open Trade


Facilitates free seating due to central storage of user profiles, with users able to log into any free turret and immediately work with their own profile, thanks to centrally stored user profiles including the user's list of forwarding rules. 

Open Trade’s continual evolution ensures your system is always up-to-date. Open Trade is open by nature, pre-integrated with leading partners for simplified deployment (Administrative SIP IP PBX, SIP gateways, access to leading trading community, desktop applications, CRM systems, etc.). It also provides a rich catalogue of applications regularly complemented with new apps for specific requirements. 

Track all the information circulating on the system - all actions on Open Trade (such as connections, disconnections and parameter changes) are logged to maintain system integrity and prevent fraud. It gives the administrator a centrally managed administration and supervision tool, covering use-cases and associated workflows for day-to-day operations as well as system provisioning tasks.

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