Open Trade


Open Trade is the first intelligent trading communication platform combining voice, email, instant messaging and video, for easy communication in fast-moving markets.

With its pure IP architecture, voice trading on Open Trade integrates cloud strategy with the back-end localised in the network. It makes managing distant sites and turrets easier via remote access and administration. Any Open Trade component can be managed as standard IT equipment.

Open Trade, secures resilience efficiently by eliminating a hardware centric central switch, with core communication software-based services. Its highly reliable system runs in a critical environment, which calls for high-system fault tolerance. Its flexible design means it can be directly integrated in customer Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to meet regulatory requirements.

Open Trade meets the mandatory high-demanding voice trading communication specificities: high number of simultaneous communications and line status sharing, presence management and perfect audio quality. It optimises trader's reactivity, comfort and productivity, and increases collaboration at the user, group and company level. Open Trade Smart Turret implements a customisable one-touch design: the contact directory at the trader's fingertips accelerates communications and business.

Open Trade Store is the perfect trading application store, offering specific applications to traders, analysts and sales people. It brings the application portal model to the Smart Turret, adding a rich layer of trading and business applications to the desktop environment.

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